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What is skywarn? For the most detailed information I would suggest checking outwww.skywarn.org . The short explaination is the Amatuer Radio public service of tracking and reporting weather conditions on the ground during severe weather and relaying those reports back to the National Weather Service so they can verify things they may not be able to see on their radar. Many times reports you see crawling across your TV screen during a storm warning about a specific weather incodent is reported from an Amateur Radio Operator.
These reports can help trigger warning sirens in an affected area quicker than relying on radar alone. This extra time can be the difference of finding safety in a good shelter or facing a possible tragic outcome.
Since it's inception, The WaldoFar Repeater System's primary focus is to provide skywarn weather spotters a good, wide coverage, reliable radio system to facilitate efficent passing of these reports. The design of the system filled a very underserved area in both the southern surburbs of Chicago and parts of Northwest Indiana, covering 65 miles of the Illinois-Indiana stateline boarder, from Lake Michigan to 65 miles south between Wateska and Rensselaer. Our Motto- We protect where we live.
Join us every Monday evening at 8:00 PM Central time on the repeater for our Skywarn Weather Net. It is a joint venture of the Waldofar Repeater System, theTri-Town Radio Amateur Club, and the South Surburban Skywarn Association. This is a time for all of us to check our equipment, get to know who's out there, and pass weather related information. All amatuers are welcome!
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