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The Waldofar Repeater Club Info:

Club Call, WA9WLN
(Originally KC9HKL)

Mailing Address:
17477 E 10500 N Rd
Grant Park, IL 60940

Repeater Trustee: Tom Gunderson, W9SRV

W9SRV E-mail: webmaster@waldofar.net

Club Structure:

Really, this club is a benevolent dictatorship! Club Officers are self elected and as follows:

President: Tom Gunderson, W9SRV
Vice President: Dan Gunderson, WB9ACN
Treasurer: Sharon Gunderson, KA9IIT
Secretary: Tricia Jaggard, N9WDG
Sargent at Arms: Robert Jaggard, SWL
Chairperson of the Board: Cindy Gunderson, SWL
Riley Gunderson
Laura Jaggard
Westin Gunderson
Carter Gunderson
Ashley Gunderson

Club Technical Advisors:
Brian Bedoe, WD9HSY
Lee Jones, KB9SUY
Jim Boothe, KB9VR
Jerry Dagenais, K9PMV
Everyone at Repeater Builder (http://www.repeater-builder.com/rbtip/)!

And our Honorary Queen:
Vernette Gunderson

There are no dues or memberships for the club, all hams with a UHF radio are honorary members!
However, to help support and maintain the system, we will take donations. These are not tax deductible, and you have to trust we will use the money wisely. No ownership is implied by making a donation, your simply helping us out to maintain, improve, and expand the system.
To make a donation please contact Tom, W9SRV (webmaster <at> waldofar <dot> net) for details, or use the PayPal button below. Thanks!
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